MOD29P1N / MYD29P1N sea ice products

The MOD29P1N and MYD29P1N nighttime daily level-3 products contain estimated ice surface temperature (IST) data processed from MODIS thermal data acquired during night mode operation of the sensor. Three scientific data sets (SDS) are stored in the product. The nighttime sea ice product is a tile of data gridded in the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area map projection. Spatial resolution is approximately 1 km. Tiles are approximately 1200 x 1200 km in area. The Terra sea ice surface temperature data product is validated (stage 2) for the cold season. The Aqua sea ice data products are validated (stage 1). See the validation webpage for further details and validation definitions.

For a full description of the MOD29P1N and MYD29P1N products, see the Sea Ice Products User Guide and / or the ATBD.