MOD29E1D / MYD29E1D sea ice products

The MOD29E1D and MYD29E1D daytime daily level-3 products contain estimated sea ice extent and ice surface temperature (IST) data of the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Four scientific data sets (SDS) are stored in the product: Sea Ice by Reflectance (North Pole), Ice Surface Temperature (North Pole), Sea Ice by Reflectance (South Pole), and Ice Surface Temperature (South Pole). This daily sea ice product is a tile of data gridded in the EASE-Grid polar map projection. Spatial resolution is approximately 4 km. The Terra sea ice surface temperature data product is validated (stage 2) for the cold season. . Aqua sea ice data products are validated (stage 1). See the validation webpage for further details and validation definitions.

Example Image and Data

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April 16-24, 2003 Northern Hemisphere

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September 15-23, 2003 Southern Hemisphere

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For a full description of the MOD29E1D and MYD29E1D products, see the Sea Ice Products User Guide and / or the ATBD.