MOD10C1 / MYD10C1 snow products

The daily global climate modeling grid (CMG) snow products provide a global view of snow cover at 0.05 degree resolution. Snow cover extent is mapped by processing the MOD10A1 and MYD10A1 products for a day into the CMG. Snow cover extent is expressed as a percentage of coverage of the input data at 500 m resolution in a cell of the CMG. Since the cells of the CMG contain mixed features an expression of confidence in the extent of snow is determined and stored, as well as QA information. See the validation webpage for details on the validation and validation definitions.

View Images, Download Data

Click on the thumbnail image to open a larger view of the image. To download the corresponding data for this image, click on the HDF file name listed directly below the thumbnail. Data ranges are listed in the tables below. MOD10C1 example images are shown with 40-100% snow cover, and 80-100% cloud cover. Other options are available in the HDF data product.

Download Full Size Image Image acquired: February 29, 2011

For a full description of the MOD10C1 and MYD10C1 products, see the Snow Products User Guide and / or the ATBD.