MOD10A2 / MYD10A2 snow products

The MOD10A2 and MYD10A2 products are composites of eight days of snow maps in the sinusoidal grid.

An eight-day compositing period was chosen because that is the exact ground track repeat period of the Terra and Aqua platforms. Snow cover over eight days is mapped as maximum snow extent in one SDS and as a chronology of observations in the other SDS. Eight-day periods begin on the first day of the year and extend into the next year. The product can be produced with two to eight days of input. There may not always be eight days of input, because of various reasons, so the user should check the attributes to determine on what days observations were obtained. See the validation webpage for details on the validation and validation definitions.

Example Images and Data

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April 23, 2002

Northwest US

Image Color Legend:


  snow/cloud free land


 open ocean/cloud free water

 no data/night

For a full description of the MOD10A2 and MYD10A2 products, see the Snow Products User Guide and / or the ATBD.