MOD10_L2 / MYD10_L2 snow products

These products are generated using the MODIS calibrated radiance data products (MOD02HKM and MYD02HKM), the geolocation products (MOD03 and MYD03), and the cloud mask products (MOD35_L2 and MYD35_L2) as inputs. The MODIS snow algorithm output (MOD10_L2 and MYD10_L2) contains scientific data sets (SDS) of snow cover, quality assurance (QA) SDSs, latitude and longitude SDSs, local attributes and global attributes. The snow cover algorithm identifies snow-covered land; it also identifies snow-covered ice on inland water. For complete global coverage a MOD10_L2 (or MYD10_L2) snow product would be generated for all swaths (approximately 288 swaths) of Terra or Aqua orbits acquired in daylight on the Earth. See the validation webpage for details on the validation and validation definitions.

Example Images and Data

MOD10 L2 product acquired on Dec. 28, 2010 Images acquired on 28 December 2010 showing the result of a major snowstorm in the Northeastern United States. The image on top is the true-color image from the MOD09 reflectance product; the center image is a binary snow map; and the image on the bottom represents fractional snow cover from Collection 5, so that various shades of blue indicate different fractions of snow cover with in each pixel.

For a full description of the MOD10_L2 and MYD10_L2 products, see the Snow Products User Guide and / or the ATBD.