Greenland Ice Surface Temperatures, 2000-2011

The image gallery below shows the mean-monthly ice surface temperature (IST) of the Greenland Ice Sheet (left image), and the number of days of data available that month for each grid cell (right image). The daily and monthly IST data are available in the zip files linked below each thumb image.

The link titled 'Flat Binary Files' contains the daily IST data, the monthly average IST data, and number of days available for each monthly averaged grid cell. Color-coded images of each of these flat binary data files are also included.

The link titled 'GeoTIFF Files' contains georeferenced TIFF versions of the daily IST, the monthly average IST, and the number of days available.

Additionally, the entire dataset can be be downloaded via the 'Download All' link.

Ancillary data is available in the 'Ancillary Information' link, which contains the latitude, longitude, land/ice sheet mask, and the DEM data corresponding to the IST data.

A complete description of this dataset can be found in the following papers:

  1. Hall, D.K., J.C. Comiso, N.E. DiGirolamo, C.A. Shuman, J.R. Key and L.S. Koenig, 2012: A Satellite-Derived Climate-Quality Data Record of the Clear-Sky Surface Temperature of the Greenland Ice Sheet, Journal of Climate, 25(14):4785-4798.
  2. Hall, D.K., J.C. Comiso, N.E. DiGirolamo, C.A. Shuman, J.E. Box, and L.S. Koenig, 2013: Variability in the surface temperature and melt extent of the Greenland ice sheet from MODIS, Geophysical Research Letters, 40:1-7, doi:10.1002/grl.50240

Contact Dorothy Hall for information on obtaining the data files.